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Having discovered photography during the cold Ohio winters on Lake Erie, it wasn’t until almost 30 years later that I truly understood what I had become….  It was an old African man, who had been watching me for days documenting a humanitarian aid mission, that one day said to me…”you are an image hunter”. 


Wow, what clarity in such simple words.


For me it is simple, I love photography….  I feel that photography allows me to capture the beauty and essence of a brief moment in time similar to the photo of Lake Bled in my "travel" page.  The sun was perfect for only a few minutes and then this scene disappeared forever.  It was an image I envisioned and waited for…this shot may never happen again.   


As you explore this site you will see I'm a generalist, influenced by masters of photography like Paul Strand, Joel Meyerowitz, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson and my fantastic instructors at SCAD: Rebecca, Tom, Zig, Craig and Joel. 


To honor them is my goal and hopefully you will see that in my work.


A reminder, all images are copyrighted to Image Hunter Galleries and/or the photographer.  All these images can be licensed, contact IHG for info.

Image Hunter Galleries

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